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range rover sport review

The Range Rover brand is regarded by some as the height of luxury and class. The Range Rover Sport is a luxury car (SUV) with a sport 4×4 twist. The car is produced in the United Kingdom by Jaguar Land Rover which is a subsidiary of Tata Motors. The current Range Rover Sport model is part of the second generation range of cars which was introduced in 2013.

The advantages of this car, apart from its quality design which is expected of a luxury car, is its genuine off-road 4×4 capacity and superior comfort. Some of the disadvantages of this car are the overwhelmingly expensive running costs and the disappointing hybrid models the Range Rover Sport has on offer. The standout engine is the turbodiesel 3.0 litre.

Range Rover Sport Running costs and emissions

The obvious advantage to owning a luxury 4×4 SUV car is that it is never emission friendly, and these type of cars are usually very expensive to run. However with a new diesel engine, running costs have been made less extreme, but still leave much to be desired.

Range Rover Sport Engine and performance

Its superior four wheel drive systems means that the Range Rover Sport outperforms most of its rivals. The standout model is the 3.0 litre SVD6 HSE turbodiesel because it offers good performance and the best running costs out of the lot. It is also more practical than the other ranges. There is also a hybrid version which uses the same engine.

There is also a top range 4.4 litre V8 turbodiesel model available, which is more powerful but running costs can escalate with this version. There is also a 5.0 litre supercharged petrol engine, which people desiring the most powerful version of this car will prefer. The drive of this car is said to be exceptional and it has a variety of abilities which other cars simply can’t match.

Range Rover Sport Design

The car is designed to be spacious on the inside and to fit up to seven people, a great advantage if it is to be used for large families or to do trips with extended family and friends. Its interior is highly luxurious, and does not disappoint as Range Rover’s in general are known for their luxurious touch.

The car is only available as a single five door bodystyle car, but there is an option to have a third row of seats in the back of the car. The Range Rover Sport interiors are genuinely luxurious and the car is packed with top of the range new technology.

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